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Work at your own pace towards graduation

Pathways In Education (PIE) is a FREE public school that helps students grades 9-12 complete high school credits to earn a high school diploma. Pathways is pleased to partner with the Nampa School District to bring an innovative and student-centered option to Nampa teens who have dropped out, are at risk of dropping out, or simply desire a non-traditional learning environment through a combination of academic recovery and experiential learning. Led by caring and knowledgeable staff, students reach levels of academic and personal achievement that many, including themselves, may have considered impossible. Contact Pathways today to pre-register while space is available!

All the Resources You Need to Succeed

Open Entry

Students can enroll virtually any weekday of the year. There is no need to wait the semester to begin and the program operates year-round!

Classes in All Subjects

Geometry, Biology, Fine Art, Foreign Languages...We offer several Electives, and College-Prep (CP) level classes.

Diverse Class Formats

Classes are available in several formats including  Small Group Instruction, Independent Study, and Online Learning in all levels of Mathematics, English Language Arts, and Science.


Flexible Schedules

Students, parents and teachers partner to create a learning plan schedule that respects and meets the needs of students.


The low student teacher ratio allows for an effective student teacher relationship focused on academics, post-secondary goals and personal growth.

Monitoring Student Progress

Online adaptive pre-test and ongoing post-tests are given to each student to monitor progress throughout the year.


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