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The Principal Fellowship program is designed to develop leaders to serve in the education models specific to models of Opportunities For Learning, Options For Youth, or Pathways In Education.

Immersion learning and professional development is the key to understanding and integrating both the conceptual and practical understanding of the blended learning models. Therefore, the first half will focus on developing hands-on experience within the model, including: initial observations, student teaching and evaluation, student tracking and data, bi-weekly professional development, personnel management, observation of leadership and key functional positions, and participating in additional cohort responsibilities.

Once a fellow has demonstrated mastery of the teaching portion of this fellowship will they progress to the Leadership Administration phase of the fellowship. Fellows will focus on administration and school leadership in the second half, once full comprehension of the blended learning model is obtained. Responsibilities and learning include: strategic analysis and evaluation, resource and operational management, leadership and professional development to address teacher and student needs, teambuilding, bi-weekly cohort discussion and reflection, and additional cohort responsibilities.

Fellows will also be required to develop an Independent Learning Project (ILP) / Portfolio based on fellowship experience and directly relating to innovations in new methods of instruction, integration of educational technology and its applications, charter school management and its operations, leadership and staff development, and other project options as determined by cohort leadership. As well as create and complete a leadership portfolio.

Fellows who successfully complete the fellowship program will be given priority consideration for administrative or educational leadership positions within the network of charter schools in California, Illinois, Tennessee, Louisiana, Arizona, Idaho as well as future charter locations we are actively pursuing nationwide.

As this is a full-time position, it will require that you leave your current position (at the end of this school year) in order to spend the next year fully immersed in this fellowship.


Our Charters - Options For Youth, Opportunities For Learning, and Pathways In Education all seek to support students who are underserved by traditional education models. The student population tends to be credit-deficient and at-risk of dropping out of high school. Some of the major factors that lead to credit-deficiency and create risk are: poverty, pregnancy and parenting, questioning sexuality, full time work requirements, family issues leading to homelessness, foster care, inclusion in the criminal justice system, disengagement with traditional education systems, and other similar circumstances. These chronic circumstances are likely to create conditions that place students far behind in their academic progress. The charter schools work with students to ensure they improve their academic skills in order to support their credit recovery.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities

The purpose of the Principal Fellowship is to induct and train principals in the following areas:

  • Leadership within our Model
  • Blended Learning Model
  • Building Culture
  • Leadership Development
  • People and Resource Management
  • Strategic Planning

The program provides ongoing support for Principal Fellows as they develop their philosophy of education and leadership and as they develop key foundational elements prior to the opening of one of our out-of-state schools. Specific focus will be given to: mission/vision, professional development protocols and procedures, course offerings, graduation requirements, discipline policies and process.

Expectations of the Program

Fellow’s responsibility during their cohort commitment:

  • Fellows are on the Principal work calendar
  • Monday – Thursday Fellows will be assigned to a school in the capacity of a teacher as they learn our model and receive bi-weekly professional development. Each fellow will be assigned special projects to complete by the Principal Fellowship Supervisor.
  • Work on projects as assigned at the Home Office from 9:00 – 4:30
  • Meet with the Principal Fellowship Supervisor and be prepared to discuss progress toward projects and weekly reflections
  • Attend each of the following events at a school chosen by the Principal Fellowship Supervisor
  • Complete the (ILP) Independent Learning Project
  • Create and Present a Leadership Portfolio

1st Half of the Principal Fellowship
  • Teach a portfolio of students
  • Attend a Pathways Trip
  • Supervise/Chaperone - Sports Event
  • Lead a Parent and Student Orientation Meeting
  • Attend Back-to-School Night
  • Attend / Support Discipline meeting
  • Student Success Team meeting
  • Volunteer service event

2nd Half of the Principal Fellowship
  • Move into the Assistant Principal Role In-Training
  • Master scheduling training/ planning session
  • Attend IEP meeting
  • Attend Monthly Principal Meetings led by Assistant Superintendent

Assist an assigned school with the following:
  • Graduation Event
  • College Pathways Trip
  • Co-plan and co-facilitate a PD session with site administrators
  • Observe a formal observation of a teacher
  • Observe a Principal
  • Observe a pre-observation and post-observation meeting for a formal observation of a teacher

Assist Leadership with the planning and delivery of:
  • Professional Development
  • Graduating Event
  • College Pathways Trip
  • Benchmark collaboration days

Program Assignments
  • Complete weekly log/journal of reflections based on work at schools and at the Home Office
  • Complete Leadership Portfolio Project and Present to a Leadership Panel
  • Present completed Leadership Portfolio to members of the Leadership Team at the Home Office
  • Complete assigned readings
  • Summer PD Plan

Create and present Leadership Portfolio that will include the following:
  • Communications Plan
  • Student Recruitment Plan
  • Faculty Hiring Protocol, including scenario-based questions
  • Plan for Parent Involvement
  • Identify community based organization partnership possibilities for school within community assigned for profile
  • Proposed courses to be offered including academic interventions
  • Professional development plan, including description of professional development protocols and procedures to be used (teacher buddies, buddy observations, videotaping, etc.).
  • Discipline matrix, policies and procedures (may include materials to be used to present to faculty)
  • Summer School Plan: courses offered, schedule, purpose, sample letter to parents and students

  • Formal observation of work at a school
  • Portfolio
  • Feedback after the completion of year-long project
  • Formal evaluation – same template used for administrators

  • Principal Fellows are high-impact educators who are deeply committed to serving urban communities and closing the achievement gap.
  • The ideal candidate is committed to the blended learning model and has an unwavering belief in the potential of each and every student.
  • Candidates must have at least three (3) years of teaching experience, have a record of effective instruction, and have demonstrated the ability to accelerate student achievement within the classroom.
  • Candidates should currently serve in a leadership capacity in their current school, either formally as a member of their instructional or management teams, or informally as lead teachers, committee chairs, or the like.
  • Candidates must have strong communications skills, interpersonal skills, and leadership skills. Leadership qualities such as resourcefulness, collaboration, coaching skills, intellectual curiosity, and self-awareness are important factors for consideration.
  • An administrative credential is preferred but not required for the fellowship. Having an administrative credential is required prior to assuming a position as an administrator with the charter schools the following year. However, this requirement is not needed in order to be accepted into the fellowship program.


Annual Salary of $80,000

We also offer a comprehensive benefits plan.


Advancement into the second half of the fellowship is contingent on successful completion of the first half. We will look at student data to determine whether goals / metrics were satisfactorily met in order to recommend promotion to the second half of the fellowship.


Out-of-state fellows or those geographically distanced will be required to relocate to the Los Angeles region for the duration of the program. A relocation stipend may be offered to applicable fellows to enable them to find proper housing, as necessary and contingent on their current location.

Applications to the Fellowship

Applications for the Principal Fellowship must include all of the following items:

  • Basic Application
  • Resume
  • Two (2) Letters or Recommendation
  • Statement of Purpose and Supplemental Questions

To submit your application, please send the above items electronically to:

Apply Now

All fellowship correspondence will be conducted via email, including notification of receipt of application materials, any missing materials, interview selection and scheduling, and final selections and admissions.

Selected applicants will be required to participate in a formal interview with the fellowship committee after submission of their application materials

If you have any questions please contact Sarpie Vartanian at: 626-788-1060.

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