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Education Model


The Pathways In Education school model focuses on providing students the opportunity to complete their high school education through independent study. The focus of our independent study program is to provide students academically rigorous textbook-based and online course offerings that students can work on independently, at their own pace. In order to fulfill their Public School's graduation requirements, students work on one or two independent study classes at a time, typically at an accelerated pace, while a supervising teacher and staff provide support, motivation, and, when needed, supplemental instruction to ensure student success.


Pathways also provides students opportunities to learn and earn credits within a small, teacher-led classroom setting. Included in the small group instruction courses offered at Pathways are English, Math, Science and a collection of topic-based elective classes.


Adding to the success Pathways students have experienced within our school are the following features, which every student enrolling at Pathways should expect from their school:

  • Safe, constructive learning environment free from distractions
  • Flexible school schedule that allows students to balance responsibilities outside of school (e.g., work, parenting)
  • Experiential Learning Program that seeks to cultivate leadership and healthy frames of mind through outdoor activities
  • Post-Secondary Counseling Program that focuses on each student’s development of a college or career plan
  • Extra-Curricular Program that focuses on providing students opportunities to be engaged in school through clubs, groups, and other after school activities

By utilizing a blended learning model that includes independent study, small group instruction, online courses, and experiential learning programs, Pathways provides the opportunity for students to individualize their coursework in a way that fits their preferences, strengths, and needs. In Tennesse, Louisiana, and Illinois, as in California (where the model originated), this unique approach to education has helped thousands of students attain their high school diploma and achieve their dreams.


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