Community Gardens

Pathways Community Gardens is a 5 week program designed to introduce students to the concept of urban gardening. Through a combination of classroom instruction and hands-on activities that emphasize creativity and problem solving. Every week, students meet to build gardens with limited space, incorporating learned knowledge of design, seasonality, and pollination. As a critical global concern, Pathways Community Gardens emphasizes environmental sustainability, encouraging students to brainstorm ways they can minimize waste and carbon footprints in their daily lives.

For many students, gardening serves not only as a valuable new life skill, but also a way for them to connect to nature and foster a deep appreciation of the natural world. Many students grow vegetables and herbs they’ve never eaten before, expanding their palate to include healthier and more nutrient-dense foods.

Pathways Community Gardens engages students to:

  • Grow organic gardens at their school
  • Learn the basics of urban gardening and sustainable agriculture
  • Visit local farmers markets where they can interact with organic farmers and sample fresh, local foods
  • Participate in a minimum of two hands-on workshops that supplement material they learn in class with topics like tea making, using recycled materials in the garden, hydroponics, and cooking with fresh vegetables
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