About PIE Schools

Pathways In Education "PIE" Schools are a combination of academic recovery, experiential learning, and life and job skills development. This innovative and integrated approach led by caring and knowledgeable staff allows students to reach levels of academic and personal achievement that many, including themselves, may have considered impossible.


Pathways In Education schools utilize a blended learning model as a unique and effective alternative for students who have fallen behind or not found success in traditional school settings. Our one-on-one, mentorship approach to learning allows students to master curricular knowledge and become inspired to achieve their dreams through education. Pathways students typically focus on only two classes at a time, matriculating at an individual pace and advancing only when mastery of subject matter is demonstrated.


Open Entry

Students can enroll virtually any weekday of the year. There is no need to wait for classes to start or the semester to begin.

Continuous Learning

The program operates year-round with no long vacations to interrupt the learning process.

Support Services

Small group instructions are offered in all levels of Mathematics, English Language Arts, and Science.



Students, parents and teachers partner to create a learning plan schedule that respects and meets the needs of students.


The low student teacher ratio allows for an effective student teacher relationship focused on academics, post-secondary goals and personal growth.

Monitoring Student Progress

Online adaptive pre test and ongoing post tests to monitor student progress throughout the year.


Pathways In Education School Locations


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Now located in both the Whitehaven and Frayser communities, Pathways In Education - Tennessee is an ASD Accredited PUBLIC School, that helps students grades 7-12, complete middle and high school credits to earn a High School Diploma.
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There are three Pathways in Education - Illinois locations. One on the North side in Avondale, and two on the South side in Ashburn and Brighton Park. Pathways In Education - Illinois is an Options school with Chicago Public Schools. Pathways In Education Chicago is a PUBLIC High School and is open to students ages 15-21, regardless of previous credit attainment, residing in Chicago. Classes runs Monday - Friday, 2 days a week, with two sessions, Morning or Afternoon.
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Serving students in grades 9-12, Pathways in Education - Louisiana  is a PUBLIC High School in the Southern Hills community in Shreveport. With dedicated teachers and faculty, you are able to earn high school credits to earn a High School Diploma regardless of previous credit attainment.
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Pathways In Education – Arizona will soon be serving grades 9-12 in Phoenix, helping students catch up on credits and earn their high school diploma regardless of past school performance. Pathways In Education – Arizona is a free public charter school with an open enrollment policy that welcomes all students up to age 19.
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