Blackbird Farm

Blackbird Farm is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating youth and adults about sustainable living, farming and healthy eating. Located on 240 acres, Blackbird Farm is a beautiful place where participants are directly connected to the land around them promoting personal and social change.

Blackbird Farm Experiential Learning Program promotes environmentalism, personal growth and community involvement through various student programs. Our core programming is aimed at high school students who attend four day camps in which they seed, plant, water and harvest our garden and use those same crops in Farm to Table classes. Immersive instruction in bread making, fruit preserving and cheese making helps students connect the dots to see where their food begins and how it ends up on their plate. Our coursework is separated into three major subjects, Seed to Table, Farm to Table and Say Cheese. Over the next year we will be developing programing and curriculum to offer Sports Leadership Camps and Environmental Science Camps. We are excited to continue to enhance programming and educational opportunities for both youth and adults.


While at Blackbird Farm, students and their chaperones gain the knowledge necessary to create raised-bed gardens to maintain back at their school sites. We encourage them to become community ambassadors for healthy eating. As part of our program, students design and execute a long-term, self-directed project aimed at addressing food access issues in their community.

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